Crochet and a Cuppa

Is there anything more relaxing than having the house to yourself and having some quiet time to crochet, with the accompaniment of a cup of tea and a cheeky bar of chocolate 🍫 Bliss!

I’m working on a new crochet shawl design and I’m really enjoying using the Scheepjes Whirl in colourway Jumpin Jaffa Pop. I have to confess though that this is the third time I’ve attempted making a shawl with this colour. I really didn’t like it at all on previous attempts, not sure if it was the pattern of if it was the colour which seemed so dull to me.

However, I have since warmed to it A LOT after seeing a couple of my other designs made using it (check my Instagram feed to see pics). And now I can’t wait to get to the Jaffa orangey bit.

This new design will be reveal as soon as I’m finished 😘


Crocheter . Knitter . Yarn Dyer . Author of Delicious Crochet Shawls book I am passionate about all things yarny. I’m obsessed with making and creating whether it be crochet, knitting, or yarn dyeing . I love it all. Designing crochet and knitting patterns is something adore and seeing my ideas come to life in the hands of other yarny obsessives is just fabulous and drives me on to spread the creative love.

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