My Etsy Shop

So I have finally got around to adding some of my sample shawls to my Etsy Shop. I've been promising to do it for ages and ages. I haven't been greedy when pricing them and I'm pretty certain they're very under priced, but I really do need the space in my craft room (aka, spare bedroom) and I also need to raise some funds to begin a new venture (there'll be more news on that as and when I get things organised).

It's weird, but for the first time in my life, I feel like I have a plan, a real-life grown up plan, I'm 46 (almost 47), so it's been a long time coming. Better late than never through right!!

I'm utterly passionate about knitting, crochet and all things yarny, I have been my whole life, and now I have a vision on where I see my passion leading. I know this all sounds a little on the vague side at the moment but I promise you, I will start sharing my plans as things develop.

Lots of yarny hugs 🤗 Lisa x


Crocheter . Knitter . Yarn Dyer . Author of Delicious Crochet Shawls book I am passionate about all things yarny. I’m obsessed with making and creating whether it be crochet, knitting, or yarn dyeing . I love it all. Designing crochet and knitting patterns is something adore and seeing my ideas come to life in the hands of other yarny obsessives is just fabulous and drives me on to spread the creative love.

3 thoughts on “My Etsy Shop

  1. Hi Lisa

    I’m working on yr Cumbria Way Shawl n I’m stuck on row 15…When I had to do de first Repeat from * once more I wasn’t able to do a DC in next ch-1sp becoz there was no ch-1sp

    I checked n rechecked my work n find no mistakes in de other rows coz I frogged fm row 11 to ensure there was no mistakes fm tis new colour change row.

    Thus I really would appreciate if u could help me out..

    Thanks & regards


    1. I’m so sorry. It should read like this:

      Row 15
      Ch3, tr in same st, * tr in each of next seven sts, [tr in next chsp, ch1, miss one st, tr in next chsp, tr in each of next seven sts] twice, 2tr in next st, ch1, sk chsp, 2tr in next st, repeat from * once more then, tr in each of next seven sts, tr in next chsp, ch1, miss
      one st, tr in next chsp, tr in each of next seven sts, 2tr in 3rd ch of beg ch3 from prev row. Turn

      Thanks for spotting the error xx


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